Copper Alloys

General Properties:

  • Excellent thermal & Electrical conductivity
  • Outstanding resistance to corrosion
  • Extremely ductile
  • Excellent metal to metal wear resistance

Type of Copper & Copper alloys

  • Electrolytic Copper
    • This is 99.9% pure copper and contains 0.01% Oxygen
    • Excellent thermal & electrical conductivity
    • Difficult to weld due to formation of Cuprous Oxide
  • Deoxidized Copper
    • Cu is 99.95% Copper & free from Oxygen
    • Easy to weld
  • Brass
    • It’s a Copper alloy where principal alloying element is Zinc (up to 40%)
    • Has excellent corrosion resistance
    • Excellent working properties.
  • Bronze
    • It’s a Copper Alloy where principal alloying element is either Tin or Aluminum (Up to 10%)
    • Excellent Corrosion resistance
    • Excellent anti frictional properties.

Excel craft Offer following products for welding Copper & Copper alloys:

Product Details

S.NoProduct NameDescriptionDownload
01Excel Bond CuCompatible with many Copper Alloys with
Excellent colour match.
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02Excel Bond BrzWide weldability with steel, cast Iron, Bronze in
Joining & cladding applications.
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