Hard facing


Hard facing term is used commonly in industry to surface the component which wear our fast & effect the OEE. The concept of hard facing directly indicates the performance of the used alloys with hardness which is not true in many senses.

We at Excel Craft follow the systematic approach which includes study the wear factors causing damage to the component & select the suitable alloys withstanding the wear factors in place. We consider the wear factors in the first place than every thing follows.

Primary Wear Factors

  • Friction or Adhesion
  • Abrasion
  • Impact

Secondary Wear Factors

  • Erosion
  • Corrosion
  • Cavitation
  • Heat

Product details

S.NoProduct NameDescriptionDownload
01Excel Bond 004For buffer layer on hard face depositsClick here to Download
02Excel Cote B2For Friction wear coating-machinableClick here to Download
03Excel Hard 02For Moderate abrasion & impactClick here to Download
04Excel Hard 006For extreme abrasion & temp 200⁰C.Click here to Download
05Excel Hard 007For High abrasion & low impactClick here to Download
06Excel Hard 008 PRFor High resistance to abrasion and frictionClick here to Download
07Excel Hard 009 PRFor High resistance to abrasion and frictionClick here to Download
08Excel Hard 010 ARHighly appreciated for their strength, toughness, and crack resistance.Click here to Download
09Excel Hard 0176For extreme abrasion & temp 600⁰CClick here to Download
10Excel Hard 5176For extreme abrasion & temp 800⁰CClick here to Download
11Excel Hard HSSFor frictional wear & temp 550⁰Click here to Download
12Excel Hard 347High toughness & heat resistant up to 650°CClick here to Download