Fabrication Range


Excel Craft also offers a comprehensive range of products for fabrication application for all industry which are as follows:

S.NoBrand NameAWS CodeSize Available
01Feromax-14E 6013All sizes (IBR Approved)
02Feromax-14 XLE 6013All Sizes (IBR Approved)
03Feromax-19E6013All sizes (Vertical down)
04Mediocarb 7018E 7018All Sizes (IBR Approved)
05Kemalloy 308 LE 308 LAll Sizes
06Kemalloy 308 L-16E 308-16All Sizes
07Kemalloy 309 Mo-16E 309 Mo-16All Sizes
08Kemalloy 310-16E 310 Mo-16All Sizes
09Kemalloy 312-16E 312-16All Sizes
10Kemalloy 316-16E 316-16All Sizes
11Kemalloy 316 L-16E 316 L-16All Sizes
12Kemalloy 347-16E 347-16All Sizes
13Kemalloy 410-16E 410-16All Sizes
14Kemonel (Monel)E Ni Cu-7All Sizes

We have a complete range of fabrication products available which can be provided to customers on demand. We have the most modern facilities for manufacturing where we can manufacture the specific products to suit the customer requirement at a short notice that are not in the regular product line. Products listed above are the ones that is used in industry extensively, however any product like Inconel /Monel for specific requirement can be made available at a short notice.

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Excel Craft -Fabrication Product Range
S.NoBrand NameAWS/ASME
L= 5D (%)
Impact Value
Chracterstics & Application
1Ferromax-12E-6012330410-51020-2450 J @ 27 ⁰ CRutile coated, thin general purpose electrode for sheet metal & light gauge workExcellent opertaing chracterstics. For materials & ST 34, Ship building steels, Boiler plates H1 & H II
2Ferromax-14E-6013400410-54022-2550 J @ 0⁰CRutile coated, general purpose electrode for MS. Esuitable for welding Ship building, Wagon welding & tanks. For materials & ST 34, ST-52 boiler plates H-I , H-III, 17 Mn 4. Works well on low OCV transformers.
3Ferromax-14 XLE-6013400410-55022-2750 J @ 0⁰CMedium heavy coated electrode for radiographic quality welds. For boilers, structures, piping, storage tanks.
4Ferromax-19E-6013400410-55022-2750 J @ 0⁰CAll positional light coated electrode general purpose electrodes with good ooperating chracterstics. It performs exceptionally well in verticle down position without any sl radiographic quality welds. For boilers, structures, piping, storage tanks.
1Mediocarb 7016E 7016430-480510-61024-3090 J @ 20 ⁰ C
70 J @ 0⁰C
40 J @ -20⁰C
Heavy basic coated , low hydrogen electrode for MS, Medium high tensile and low alloy steel welding. Finds application in unknown & medium carbon steel & CI. High sulphur steels, rails, auto bodies, rollers & pulleys.
2Mediocrab 7018E 7018450-560510-61024-30140 J @ 27 ⁰ C
100 J @ 0⁰C
50 J @ -30⁰C
Extra low hyderogen, radiographic quality, medium heavy coated, Iron powder type electrode. Highly resistant to hydrogen induced embrittlement. Especially recommended for high strength welds on MS, Medium carbon & low alloy high strength steel. Critical pressure vessels, high pressure piping, Heavy welded fabrication, pan stocks, bridges, Overhead cranes, steel gears, loco frames etc.
3Mediocrab 7018 PlusE 7018-1450-560510-61024-30180 J @ 27 ⁰ C
140 J @ 0⁰C
100 J @ -30⁰C
50 J @ -46⁰C
Low hyderogen, radiographic quality, basic coated, Iron powder type electrode with exceptionally good mechinical properties including good impact strength down to -46⁰C Especially designed for use in boiler, pressure vessels, penstock, oil storage tanks, offshore plateforms, oil rigs and plant equipment for service at subzero temperatures.
1Nicramol 8016-WE 8016-W500580-68020-25150 J @ 27 ⁰ C
40 J @ -20⁰C
Basic coated electrode suitable for high tensile steels up to 650 N/mm ² in all position. Welds are radiographic nature which can withstand heat treatment of low temperature conditions. Suitable for application of Rail coaches and Wagons.
2Nicramol 8018-GE 8018-G460-570560-65022-25122-200 J @ RT
120-180 J @ 0 ⁰ C
50-120 J @ -40 ⁰ C
30-80 J @ -50 ⁰ C
Medium heavy coated hydrogen controlled iron powder type electrode specially developed for high tensile, fine grained steels. Suitable for repair, drilling equipment, gear wheels & cast steels.
3Nicramol 9018-GE 9018-G530-620630-70020-24150 J @ RTA Medium heavy coated low hydrogen Iron powder type all position electrode for welding of high tensile structure steels, heavy sections & restrained joints in high tensile stress. Bridges, tanks, material handling equipments, boiler, powerhouse construction & earth moving equipments.
4Nicramol 9018-ME 9018-G66085020-24120 J @ RTA low alloy high strength steel electrode with excellent mechanical properties for welding penstocks, spheres and heavy duty structures. Excellent crack resistance due to low hydrogen contents.
5Nicramol 10016-GE 10016-G69084022-24100 J @ -20 ⁰ CMedium coated low hydrogen type of electrode for all position welding of Ni-Cr-Mo steels. Retains strength at elevated temperatures. Steam turbine parts, rotors, chemical plant equipment, automotive parts.
6Nicramol 10018-GE 10018-G69084020-24110 J @ RTA hydrogen controlled low alloy high tensile strength electrode suitable for welding earth moving , mining, material handling equipments.
1Thermolloy 8018- C1E 8018- C1450-540560-66025-30160 J @ 20 ⁰ C
130 J @ 0 ⁰ C
100 J @ - 40 ⁰ C
50 J @ - 60 ⁰ C
Heavy coated basic type Iron powder electrode with controlled hydrogen specially designed for welding low temperature steels. Refinery parts, pressure vessels & valves.
2Thermolloy 8018- C2E 8018- C2440-540550-66023-26200 J @ 20 ⁰ C
150 J @ 0 ⁰ C
90 J @ - 50 ⁰ C
60 J @ - 80 ⁰ C
Heavy coated basic type Iron powder electrode with controlled hydrogen specially designed for welding low temperature steels & Ni alloy steels. Refinery parts, pressure vessels & valves.
1Ferokrome 7013- A1E 7013 - A1410-510 @ 27⁰C
400 @ 200⁰C
290 @ 500⁰C
500 - 60022 - 28100 J @ 27⁰CA heavy rutile coated electrode low alloy, medium high tensile electrode for welding medium high tensile & low alloy steels of 0.5% Mo and 1Cr 0.5Mo type steel used in power plant, chemical and oil industry.
2Ferokrome 7018- A1E7018 A1420-520 @ 27⁰C
470 @ 300⁰C
415 @ 510⁰C
500 - 60026 - 30170J @ 27⁰CA medium coated hydrogen controlled iron powder electrode for welding high & low alloy steels used at elevated temperatures. Electrode gives ductile and creep resistance steels of 0.5%Mo weld deposit to withstand service temperature up to 500 ⁰ C.
3Ferokrome 8013- B2E 8013-B2500-600 @ 27⁰C
220 @ 400⁰C
200 @ 500⁰C
580 - 68020 - 26A heavy rutile coated electrode of low alloy steel, weld metal having 1.2 Cr & 0.5 Mo, creep resistance up to 500⁰C for low alloy steel boilers, pipe welding, oil refinery, thermal & chemical plants.
For ASTM 1-2 Cr 1-2 Mo, A 301-54 A, TGR Gr B, A335-55 Gr P2, IS steel/07 Cr 90 Mo 55, ASTM / 1.25 Cr, 0.5 Mo/A 335-55 Gr P-11, A213-57 T Gr T11, A119-55 TGr T11, A200-55 T Gr T11.
4Ferokrome 8018- B2E 8018-B2510-620 @ 27⁰C
350 @ 200⁰C
270 @ 500⁰C
560 - 68022 - 2880J @ 27⁰CA bsic coated hydrogen controlled electrode designed for 1.25% Cr 0.5% Mo Type Creep resistance steels and depositing weld metal of high metallurgical & radiographic quality.
1Kemalloy 308-16E 308 - 16550 - 65035-4075-90 @ 27⁰CAll positional radiographic quality, low carbon 19/10 stainless steel electrode with controlled ferrite content(3-7%) Max resistance to corrosion & cracking. High Arc stability & low spatter losses. Weld metal has excellent creep strength. Resistance Cristline corrosion . suitable for welding ferrite steel of 13-17% Cr type. Resistance to scaling up to 800 for welding of AISI types/ 301,302,304&308, Germal steels Nos. 4016,4501,4300,4301, for building up surfaces of pump impellers, shafts, chemical plants.
2Kemalloy 308L-16E 308L-16550-65035-4570-90J @ 27⁰C
30-50J @ -100⁰C
All positional , extra low carbon stainless steel electrode with controlled ferrite for maximum resistance to intergranular corrosion & cracking. Weld can with stand elevated temeperature uo to 850 ⁰ C ans high creep resistant. Can be used on low temerature steel , as low as -150 ⁰ C. Carbon contents as low as 0.03% eliminates possibility of intercrystline corrosion in the temperature range of 500-850 ⁰ C.
3Kemalloy 309-16E 309-16560-68030-4550-100 J @ 27⁰CAll positional radiographic quality electrode giving 25/12 deposit that has high oxidation & corrosiion resistanceand can withstand eleveted temperature up to 1100 ⁰ C in continuous service. Low spatter & smooth weld bead with easy slag detachability. For welding AISI 309 type straight chrome steels. Joining SS to carbon steel.
4Kemalloy 309-Mo-16E 309 Mo-16550-65030-45All positional radiographic quality electrode giving 25/12 /2.5 Mo weld deposit that has high chemical corrosion & heating. The addition of Moly increases tensile strength & Corrosion resistance . Quite stable arc and low spatter ensures smooth weld bead & easily detachable slag. Fpr welding disimilar matals like Mo containing austenetic SS and carbon steel, 309 Mo steel and 316 class steels.
5Kemalloy 310-16E 310-16560-68030-40All positional medium heavy coated rutile type electrode which gives 25 Cr/20 Ni weld deposit that has high oxidation resistance to withstand temperature up to 1200 ⁰ C in continuous srvice. Welding AISI 310 type steels, cladding & welding straight chrome steel, German Steels 4762,4828,4841,and 4848. Applications are disimilar steels, Gas turbine combustion chamber, High temperature furnace parts, Hydrogenration & Polymerization plants. Also suiutable for welding Steels 309, 410, 430,520 steels.
6Kemalloy 312-16E 312 -16740-85025-3235 J @ 27 ⁰ CHighly alloyed , versatile all position electrode for welding disimilar steel and difficult to weld steels. Welds are radiographic quality and highly crack resistance. Ideally suited to weld unknown composition. Can be used on all type of steels except high carbon steel.
7Kemalloy 316-16E 316-16560-66030-4070-100 J @ 27⁰CAll positional radiographic low carbon 18/13/Mo stainless steel electrode with controlled ferrite contents for maximum resistance to stress.Withstand elevated temperature up to 850 ⁰ C with excellent creep resistance. Deposit has increased resistance to sulphuric, hydrochloric, formic, accetic, tartaric acids etc. Welding sustain its properties when used in Pulp liquor in paper, Pulp mill equipment. For welding AISI 316, and 317 L type of steel.
8Kemalloy 316 L-16E 316 L-16550-60030-40All position , radiographic quality, extra low carbon, 18/13/Mo stainless steel electrode with controlled ferrite contents. Maximu resistance to stress, chemical corrosion, and hot cracking.
9Kemalloy 347-16E 347-16520-60030-35A low carbon 19/10/Nb stablized stainless steel electrode with controlled ferrite content for maximum resistance to cracking, corrosion, and high temperature. Niobium prevents harmful carbide prescepitation. For welding AISI 321 and 347 steels. Used widely in aircraft & chemical industries.
10Kemalloy 410-16E 410- 16450-55020-25An all position electrode designed to weld straight chrome martensitic steel and castings. Also on anti wear coatings on wide variety of coomponents. Preheat up to 350 ⁰ C of steel is recommonded. Designed for 13% chrome type of steel. German steels 4001, 4006,4008,4021, 4024, 4027 and 4107 steels.
(Monel Weld)
E NI CU -7500-60030-40A radiographic quality all-positional medium heavy coated electrode with very low iron content that ensure maximum corrosion resistence. Weld deposit will not harden when heat treated. For welding Monel to itself or to stainless or carbon steel for overlaying steels for corrosion resistance. Ideally suited for Marine applications and for cladding.