Forging Industries


Forging is one of the most popular metal forming & shaping process by employing the external compressive force. There are wide variety of forging processes commonly known as


1. Hot Forging

2. Warm Forging

3. Cold Forging


Hot forging is generally most popular & used for mass production for automotive components & other voluminous jobs that requires high strength & intricate shapes.


In case of hot forging operation, the heated billet at 1100 to 1250⁰C is compressed in the two half of the dies to form the component as per the die impression. These dies undergoes heavy wear & tear due to various wear factors like, heat, abrasion, friction clubbed with high compression and loose its dimensional accuracy. These dies needs to be restored back to its original dimensions by welding as die material is expensive and is supposed to be used repeatedly to optimize the forging process. The possibility of improving the mechanical properties of the die material exists by welding to get the best output from the dies.


Excel Craft offers excellent product range to welding dies & improving its life when compared with existing die material:

S.NoProduct NameDescriptionDownload
01Excel Forge 011Hardness 35-40 HRCClick here to Download
02Excel Forge 012Hardness 45-50 HRCClick here to Download
03Excel Forge 013Hardness 55-60 HRCClick here to Download
04Excel Forge 013 SHardness 55-60 HRCClick here to Download
05Excel Forge 014 HMRHardness 45-50 HRCClick here to Download
06Excel Forge 015Hardness 45-50 HRCClick here to Download

Above products are so designed to improve the wear resistant properties of dies which converts into more number of forging components produced from the same die impression & add to the profit directly for the organizati0n.